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Doc Cooper: A Son Recalls


Masked Marvels

Artist Summary

Performance Type: One-Man Show

Performance Style(s): Masked Theatre

Official Website:

Fee Range: $4,000 - $6,000



Michael Cooper is a Poet of the Stage - an eye-popping visual artist and a virtuoso mime whose exquisite performances of humor and poignancy, nimble speech, and eloquent gesture have dazzled audiences of all ages for over forty years.


Doc Cooper - A Son Recalls

A childhood fascination with the wild animals of his native western Canada, followed by a teenage love of horses and adventure, eventually led my father to veterinary school, then across the continent to begin his storied career caring for the sick and injured animals of rural Maine. Dad may have been “from away”, but through 60 years of dogged tenacity, and 3 million miles driving his signature red truck to the homesteads and farms dotting the western foothills of his beloved adopted state, he managed to earn, in the hearts of countless practitioners of the country life, the oh-so-rare title of Honorary Mainer.

Masked Marvels

This one-man extravaganza combines his breathtaking handcrafted masks, original stories of courage and wonder, outlandish stilt dancing and a physical repertoire that ranges from the madcap to the sublime. The result is a “moving sculpture.”


Taking up to three hundred hours to produce a single paper or wooden mask, Michael has elevated this most ancient of theater crafts to the level of a fine art. In addition, his ability as a wordsmith enables him to reel in the most discerning of crowds with the nuance of a poet, the joy and timing of a first rate comedian and the twists and intrigue of a master storyteller. And whether he’s high kicking on giant legs, animating one of his magical creations or quite literally “leaning on air,” the unending enthusiasm of this masked marvel captivates both young and old.


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Michael Cooper - Mask Theater

Doc Cooper - A Son Recalls

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